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Christian Character & Commitment

Saved2Serve 2022 took place on 26th March but you can listen back to the talks here:

Session 1: ‘Not like Jesus’
Session 2: ‘Just like Jesus’
Session Handout

Saved2Serve is a day conference for Christian young people aged 15–25 years



Tickets for Saved2Serve 2023 will be available closer to the time.


Location: Highbury Baptist Church

40 Highbury Place, London, N5 1QL

Highbury Baptist Church is a 10 minute walk from Highbury & Islington tube station, or around 25 minutes’ walk from King’s Cross.

If you have any concerns around finding the venue, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


About Saved2Serve

Saved2Serve 2022 is a day conference aimed at Christian young people looking for a fresh challenge. We want to encourage you with a fresh vision of the glory of Jesus, and equip you to serve God more effectively in your life.

Combining great Bible teaching, interactive workshops plus a question time and free book this is a weekend to remember.

Our 2022 Theme

Jesus chose twelve men. One of them dropped out, but the other eleven turned the world upside down. Their secret was that they had been shaped by Jesus, and were being empowered by him.

Any Christian who wants to amount to anything (in God’s eyes) needs to develop the same qualities of character and commitment that these men displayed. Following Jesus means more than giving him ‘a thumbs up’ on social media, or ‘squeezing him in’ around the things in life that really matter. Rather, we need him to live his divine life through us.

But what does that mean, and look like, in practice? This will be the theme our talks, from our speaker Phil Heap.

Speaker Bio

Phil studied Maths at Cambridge, then spent five years fixing bugs for Microsoft. Then he studied Theology in Bridgend, and has spent the last seventeen years serving in church leadership – most recently at Highbury Baptist Church, which he joined at the height of the pandemic. Phil is married to Ruth, and (like Job) has three beautiful daughters. And a son.

Phil - speaker at Saved2Serve


On the day, we will be running an interactive workshop session – they both cover different aspects of our main theme in a more practical way. We will ask you to choose your preferred workshop option when you book. We hope that everyone can get their first choice, but we’re sorry that we can’t guarantee that, depending on numbers!

Workshop 1 – Loving like Jesus.
How can we accept and love people, without necessarily affirming their sinful lifestyles or choices?
How do we demonstrate Christian love, especially in our outreach, whilst maintaining our distinctiveness as Christians?

Workshop 2 – Serving like Jesus
What gifts has God given me? How can I use the gifts God has given me to serve Jesus? Also how do we learn to be the person God made me to be as I live for him? (As opposed to somebody I’m not, or somebody I wish God had made me!)


If you have any questions about the day, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact Adam Laughton by e-mail here.

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